Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Zaha hadid started designing shoes!!

Well for those people who are not familiar with zaha hadid, she is a world renowned british-iraqi deconstructivist architect. She is the first female recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, architecture's equivalent of the Nobel Prize. Two days back I got bedazzled when I came to know about zaha hadid’s latest project. It is not a new skyscraper or opera house, but a rather small project.

The british architect teamed up with the brazillian plastic shoe manufacturer melissa to create a new design. The shoes features her signature morphed curves transformed into a ballet slipper like form. The form according to me is very alien in nature, a person fitting in those shoes will definitely be distinct in every characteristic..err....who would like to buy those shoes, maybe those hardcore zaha hadid fans or some fashion test-pilots...deconstructivists!!



Anna said...

Haha, nice one!!

anurag said...

thanx anna

bhaskar benjamin said...

Hi anurag:

This reminds me of an old dig at architects they design for improving our life....or do they design for improving their own life (style) ?

your take ?

p.s. I've put you on my blogroll in poetry-painting

anurag said...

Well if u talk particularly about this architect - zaha hadid, she is one of the most glamorous and page-3 persons in europe and u.k. to b precise...She works a lot for the big corporate houses and institutions....well it depends on ones personal interest..there r even architects like laurie baker from ur own state kerala and nari gandhi, g. sen from maharashtra who had designed cost-effective and cheap housing for improving common people's life !!

Anonymous said...

love this shoes!!!
i obvius would liked to use them!

love zaha´s works, love melissa´s style.... perfect combination! ;)