Monday, July 7, 2008

Unforgettable match!! Nightmare for indian batsman!!

India’s bad record of Final remains the same as before as they lost yet another important final . Eight years ago, , Sanath Jayasuriya scored a magnificent 189 before Sri Lanka’s bowlers sent India tumbling to 54 all out, and a humiliating 245-run defeat.And at Karachi now he is 39 scored a superb century and stunning bowling by Mendis put India to yet another humiliating defeat by 100 runs. Mendis created a history in Asia Cup as he took 6 wickets for 13 runs which was not done before this.

Well I thought sri lanka were good 30 runs short from the psychological target of 300+ and seems to be a cakewalk for India with its famed batting line up. First 8 overs actually went according to my expectation - all srilankan pace bowlers were wacked all around the park by sehwag until this guy mendis came. A new face in one day international cricket with an unorthodox bowling action as far as spin bowling is concerned, flights the ball in the air and the ball literally skids from the track generating that extra pace and trajectory thus beating the batsman in the air. All indian batsmen struggled against him and he provided breakthroughs at regular interval thus striking the spinal cord of india's line-up..majorly, almost paralysing it...Dhoni played a captains knock but all in vain and srilanka clinched the asia cup trophy 4th time, first time outside srilanka..That surely is an achievement and they really deserve a hard party!!

India definitely need to rethink and reconfigure its batting startegies before the coming up srilanka series.



Rohan Nigam said...

I thought indian batsmen showed irresponsibility esp Sehwag and Raina... They were inform. Getting out to such Pathetic shots was unexplainable as we were well above the req rate tht time. This is where the difference lies between teams like aus and sa and that with india. Anyways, i seriously felt the need of some experience in the team. Whether its winning or losing.

anurag said...

You are absolutely right rohan, even i felt same afta watching the finals...india missed out in the experience department!!

coolestdude said...

oh man...ur cartoons are mindblowing...!!!!!!!!!!! awesome dude...!!!! this is with respect to whole blog...not onli tis post..!!!!!!!