Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been out of this blogging thing for more than 2 months I suppose and I am returning back to the arena with this post.

I have been thinking of keeping this post on and off private mode. I guess I should stop pondering on what is or isn't appropriate.This is after all my blog. The good overrules the evil,and i thank all the angels who stood by me.
I went to my archive, scrolling down randomly picking entries to read.There was a period of floods, architecture, flowers and kayaks. I was enthralled, charmed, I was happy and I laughed at everything. It felt like everything was near perfect, my life ran smooth. I was literally breathing love and content, and all I ever needed, was for time to stop there and then. But, time never did. It went tick-tock-tick-tock, and before I knew it, my sorrow was here. It's no more sunshine or pretty flowers. It's just leafless trees and twigs. Life is nothing more than a festal or funeral procession. Blows after blows are coming right at me like asteroids, I think Armageddon is coming, at least mine is coming. I'm going to be blown into tiny gazillion pieces, and sparkle the world.

Today is one of those days, where I just want to keep to my hostel room or some abandoned place, and not let anyone find me. Devoid of all communication devices I have,just enjoying the peace of being alone, in somewhere i felt safe. Today is one of those days, which made me want to hide away under a rock and take a moment away from life. I want to experience anything but, pain.

It's my birthday today, on the 27th /10.

I'm sorry you can't be here, I'm sorry i can't be with you, but actually I m happy, If you guys begin giving me the special Birthday Bums until my butts became rosy red and numb, I wouldn’t be sitting and writing this blog entry rather would be in some hospital getting medication for your precious love. I'm sorry you missed your much anticipated gathering, but still I got a pretty good kicking wishes from my mates rather a queue lined up in front of my room waiting patiently to try their karate skills on poor me "birthday boy".

Its diwali(one of the biggest national festival) here in this part of the world. Iam terribly missing my family and school friends. Sky high and ocean deep kind of misses, misses with no measures . . .I wish I could weep the world away, or at least roll around in bed and forget it all, but you guys and my mates are here who fill my void starving for familiarity, affection and companionship…
Thanks a lot for all your wishes, except for those who kicked the hell out of me. God knows who started this tradition, wish I could have given that guy a tight kick and ask him from where did you got this idea to start this stuff.
As the birthday arrives, person rather thinking about the birthday ceremony starts counting the number of persons he going to get bums from?

Will this be his last birthday or will he be alive to see his next one?

My end semester exams starting next month and I haven’t read a single word, let’s face it then!!

Cyah and happy diwali to all!!