Friday, August 1, 2008

My new roomie !!

     Well there are times in your hostel life when you tend to be all alone, sitting in your room watching some movie - crap in your lappy or listening music in your mp3 player...or simply doing nothing at all!! Those are the times when you tend to get bored to the utmost hilt and you definitely want some company who can help you get rid of this boredom.. Frankly speaking I got a roomie already but he is a busy kind of person...One who is in engaged in lot of co-curricular activities..he is an awesome dancer and is a member of NIT-Trichy dance troupe, so majorly he returns to the den by late night...

     Lets come straight to the new roomie...well she ...ya whatever you are reading is a fact...a in a boys hostel...she is really cute, someone you can play with, someone with whom you can share your thoughts with, chat for long hours non-stop, she even won't get irritated or bugged. She is definitely my new sweetheart, I just love her. Well she is my lovely new baby cat - a kitten to be more precise. My roomie found her day before yesterday lying all alone in one of the hostel corridors, she was very hungry and the poor thing wanted someone to take care of her, so we decided to take the initiative and now she is a part of our life. She is irresistibly cute and loves to hop around my study table, loves to play with ball and strings...drinks lot of milk, actually thats the only thing she intakes, she rejects everything other than this..Still 3 yrs to go in my college life, hope she will grow up and become reponsible by that time so that I can leave her where she actually belongs - her own habitus!!