Friday, July 4, 2008

ONE DAY - a batsman's game??

20/20 has started to show its effect on oneday international matches and a very recent example is the asian cup 2008 taking place in pakistan. Scoring 300+ runs in the first innings is becoming a norm, very soon 400+ would be considered to be a DECENT total. A team scoring less than that would be considered a weak team.

I know its a bit of exaggeration but I can see some team to go onto score 500(Again I am not saying this would happen tomorrow, may be it will never happen, but after seeing the way players like Jayasuriya, sehwag, yuvraj and Gambhir are improvising and scoring at such a rapid pace while playing genuine cricketing shots, 500 is definitely a possibility in the coming years.

Yesterday I saw the match between India and Srilanka and was a 300+ game, Srilanka scored a good 308 but as I said before times have changed so is the pace of the game, chasing down 300+ mammoth score 3 to 4 yrs back was supposed to be a tough ask but kinda score is chased down by India with 24 balls spared..
I m looking forward to the final match between India and Srilanka on sunday, god knows wat would be a safe taget on such flat pakistani wickets..maybe 350+ God knows!!

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nice graphic

Priyadarshini Iyer said...

Hey anurag, i am priya (priyadarshini) from the bloggers community . Your illustrations are really cool..I simply love it.

anurag said...

thanx a lot priya!!