Thursday, July 17, 2008

Leaving for college

On 20th I m leaving for the college after a long vacation and when I say long - it was really long...semester break.. So another few days to go!!

I wanted to share these lines with everyone out there, these lines mean a lot to me...I read these about 2 years back during FIFA world cup finals (Italy vs. France) - well that was the day when I left my home to join a college in a place called trichy (tamil nadu), a place I had never heard of, never seen, just knew that it was a good place for technical education and all , thats it!! I was really nervous and sad, and didn't want to display those emotions and sentiments…the mental agony I was going through to mom and dad. First time in my life I was leaving my home and family behind and going to stay in some hostel at NIT campus for long 5 years. These lines helped me cope a little bit.

Leaving For College

My final day with familiarity
My last day at home before
I must
Leave for college

A lonely feeling
Is unshakable as
I realize what I leave
And what I leave it for

All my things to be packed away
Hugs will be shared and
Tears will be shed
When I leave for college

The place I once called home
Will soon only be a place to visit
All my things, all my friends
Are to be left behind

I am so cold as I think
About the uncertain future
That my solo move holds
And I am scared

Scared, lonely, and sad
I will miss everything, everyone
As the world I once knew changes
And I must deal on my own

Excited, I am as well
For all the new things waiting
But right now, the fear
Of the unknown permeates my being

It's hard to look forward
When part of me still
Wants to hold on
To Mom's hand

A security blanket no more
I must grow up instantly
As my parents leave me
And I am scared

Scared, lonely, and sad
I just want to hold onto that
Hand forever
To be protected forever

Change, uncertainty
They scare everyone
But fear must be overcome
So I will go

I know the tears will flow
I am already choked up
I know I will miss them
I know I am afraid

But I must face the fear
To grow into someone
They can be proud of

Scared, lonely, and sad
Nervous, afraid, and worried
Excited, anxious, antsy
The time has come

The time to leave the nest
And fly on my own
Even if it means
Falling a few times first

My love for them
My family and friends
Knows no boundaries

I will miss you
But the time has come
So wish me luck
And I'll see you soon..


Darshan Chande said...

Beautiful blog and a beautiful poem!! Your cartoons are mind-blowing!! Happy blogging.

Mike said...

I love those cartoons man, keep up the blogging!

anurag said...

thanx mike and darshan!!

Miss Building Blocks said...

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful poem. reminds me of how i felt before leaving for college... probably the reason why i stayed home lol! but overall nice. great cartoons too!

anurag said...


Comfortably Numb said...

YOu have a unique way of presenting your blog. Loaded with cartoons.. and then your signature...amazing!


**The*Restless*Redhead** said...

great poem!!

anurag said...

thnx 2 both of u>>

prashant said...

keep it up...

gud work..........

plz do send your feedback at

Khalid said...

Awesome poem! Although I can't really relate to it because my college campus is so close to my house that I didn't move out of my parent's house :( But I would have liked to know what it feels like. Anyway, keep it up!

•sowmya• said...

"Scared, lonely, and sad
Nervous, afraid, and worried
Excited, anxious, antsy
The time has come"

i loved these lines.. and i exactly know wt it is like to stay at a place far far from home...
an amazing piece of wrk here...


anurag said...

thanx a lot, sowmya!!

Holly said...

Best of luck!

Chin up and head down and work hard!

and have a little fun :)

anurag said...

thanx holly>>

Ashutosh Didwania said...

Very well compiled.

adrija said...

refreshing...nd d cartoons r amazing as well..keep blogging!

ranjana said...

beautiful lines and so true....the fear of the unknown and the discomfort of leaving the comfort zone does take a toll....somewhere we are afraid of change because most of the times we associate change with negative aspect

anurag said...

thanx ashutosh, ranjana and adrija!!

anusha said...

you knw wat..i m a day scholar.. n i have been urging my parents to leave me to be on my own..perhaps a PG or obviously they dont listen. nice poem,.. i cnt say i relate to i feel exactly the opposite way.. and yes Nice Cartoons.. sad they have copyright :(

keep blogging!!

peter said...

sahi hai yaar !
mainey bhi kuch aisa he socha tha ....!!
gud post man !

anurag said...

thanx anusha and peter!!

coolestdude said...

oh..its gr8 dude...poetic verses were are ur cartoons...keep going..!!!!

Paranormal ME said...

It was a super blog..wonderful cartoons..and ziggy mind is quite captivating...

Peace is appreciable.
Thank You.

Kumpal Madrasi said...

nice cartoons in between, how do you make them??

as far as the poem is concerned, I understand your feelings, I too had to undergo some of the same..

Dan* said...

i think its the cartoons that made the poem beautiful :P

Purva said...

love the cartoon and signature!

angel from heaven said...

Well written with emotion and feeling.