Friday, June 27, 2008

Where thoughts are reborn and dies in matter of seconds!!

A day in my office. After a long time they finally took me off from the animation team and gave me an opportunity to try my hands on some core graphic designing stuff. I was asked to submit a logo and banner design for a funky highway transit on bhopal-indore highway. So I put it off for a while; played with some different ideas; spun my wheels; and eventually put together some rough scribbles here and there.

I have seen times when you get loads and loads of ideas at an instant and you are not able to interpret them to the mark. Even their are times when you go totally blank and try to relocate set of old ideas but finally you end up with some wierd stuff. Actually its quiet a common phenomenon for me and happens almost everytime I sit to design, don't know whether it happpens to other architects and designers....even engineers..

"If the idea is good it’ll come back to you". It’s a great way to reduce idea overload and ensure high quality.- said by a faculty member of our architecture department.

I will say that although I think it turned out tight enough, the idea isn't that strong - and I wanted to tweak the letters and add some layers of pattern behind it...something related to highway and activities taking place there.

The cabin which they allotted to me is something like a box having two openings - one rectangular window opening to the exterior and one circular window just in front of my drawing table opening to the interior office space, according to them designers can extract ideas by observing activities goin' on in office space...wat a nonsense, I would call it more like a disturbing element seeying people roaming around in front of would have been far better if they could have simply put up a nice portrait...even a mirror will do the trick...

I think I gotta figure out some way, if you are getting new ideas every now and should even learn how to manage them and use them effectively in future. Let me know if you have something to add to it - some effective tips.


Anonymous said...

hey wen ideas keep on fallin...jus jot it down.m nt an architect o a designer....m a happens 2 me also.sumtyms wen m in half sleep,m overwhelmed by gr8 ideas bt wen i think abt dem later...its phushhh i hav made it a habit to save it in my cell den nd dere..i dunno wether it cn b applied 2 ur proffession o nt.

anurag said...

haha....well I always carry a A5-notebook nowadays to jot down those lingering points :)