Thursday, June 26, 2008

Road-trip became a boat-trip!!

Day: Wednesday
Sky was sunny and finally the weather gods thought of giving some relief, the pouring of rain got stopped here in bhopal….The weather was pleasant with a tint of cool breeze and diffused sun, a perfect stage set up for a travelling enthusiast like me… So I packed my bag, took the car, went to a food court n packed some refreshments. My destination…well a place called sehore, a city at the outskirts of bhopal. Takes about 1 hr long drive here from bhopal. I usually visit this place atleast twice whenever I come to bhopal. I like this place because of its lush green outfields, big farms and good amount of small hills where you can climb and get the bliss like feeling!!

Its been 30 mins. I started driving, half the way through and another half to go. After another 5 mins or so, I got stuck up in a traffic jam, 10 mins passed…20 mins passed….30 mins passed, it was enough for me to get curious about the whereabouts of the traffic. Then I came to know national highway vehicular movement was suspended for 10 hrs or something… it seems there is a flood kind of situation 3 kms. away from where I got stuck. I have never seen a flood in my life, according to me it was an opportunity to go and explore, so I parked my car in a field nearby and started walking towards the flood affected area. After an about 20 mins walk, I finally reached the site, standing water level was about 4 ft.. Sight was pretty disturbing but at the same time I was able to figure out some interesting stuff ….

Found fishes swimming in national highway, fisherman with their boats catching fishes, traffic lights in the middle (most probably directing the boat traffic…lol!!), houses partially submerged and the families standing on their terraces….Got a chance to help some school children cross the lane..

After spending some time there I decided to return back to my car before something worse occurs. It was totally a new experience and now after seeying a small scale flood I don’t wanna see it again in the near future. Neways its still a secret, not for you guys…my mom dad would never had allowed me to go there.

CAUTION: Never try this alone, it may result in serious consequences…



Anonymous said...

sexy cartoon!!

anurag said...

thanx a lot, who ever it is!!

Anonymous said...

Love the cartoon! nice imagery, enjoyed it :)

Anuradha Khanna said...

like the way you write and support with sketches, keep it up

Rohit said...

for ur blog
keep it up