Monday, June 30, 2008

Euro 2008 final !!

So I m back after a break.. Today I witnessed one of the most one sided finals in soccer history..

Spain had gone close twice before the goal from Torres.

Torres showed what a dangerous finisher he is after 33 minutes. Philipp Lahm appeared to have Xavi's through-ball covered but fractionally hesitated as he hoped Lehmann would reach it first and that was all Torres needed as he sped past him then cleverly lifted the ball over the advancing keeper.

Spain's precision delivery earned them several more half-chances early in the second half but none were taken and Germany, never a team to give up on a trophy without a fight, raised their game but still one of the most boring final clashes I have ever seen.
As Germany pressed, for the equalizer the gaps opened and Torres almost broke clear twice more. In the end, though, his early effort proved enough to clinch the trophy for Spain 1-0.


andrews galli said...

buen disparo!! anurag...i mean great shot torres

anurag said...

thanks andrews..i got it!!

doctordidi said...

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anurag said...

Well I would have liked it more if u had commented on the content rather clicking on ADs...Sorry to say that!!