Sunday, September 4, 2011

What to do list @ Delft

Excepts from epicalendar '11

1.Do you feel your room looks sad and boring?
Go to IKEA and buy something to decorate your room.

2.Do you need food at your house?
You can find fresh and cheap food at the market at the Marktplein, near the Nieuwe Kerk every Thursday from 9:00 to 17:00. You will also find typical Dutch food!

3.Are you waiting for the weekend to have fun?
You don’t have to wait anymore! Today you can go to “La Cantina”, Markt 3, and have a Margarita for 3 euros (only on Tuesdays).

4.Have you already seen Delft from above?
Climb to the Nieuwe Kerk tower for 2 euros, from 9:00 to 18:00, and have a magnificent view of the city!

5.You’re going to live here for a long time, but do you know anything about Dutch history?
Learn who William of Orange was and take a picture of the place where he was killed.

6.Have you ever eaten at a TU Delft cafeteria?
Have lunch at your faculty’s cafeteria, join a table with people you don’t know and take a picture with them in the end.

7.You’ve probably gone to the supermarket and didn’t know the Dutch words for things you wanted. True?
Make a list of what you want to buy and look for the translations, and then your visit to the supermarket will be much easier! You can also ask people in the supermarket for words you don’t know.

8.Do you  miss having contact with the nature?
Don’t worry! Delft has everything for you! You can take a walk and maybe camp at Delftse Hout, a small forest you can find in the eastern part of Delft, near IKEA.

9.You’ve heard about the famous Dutch tulips but have you ever bought one?
On Thursdays the flower market can be found at the Brabantse Turfmarkt in the inner city of Delft. Just for fun, try having a five minute conversation with the person who sells it to you.

10.Have you seen any other Dutch cities since you arrived here?
You and a friend could have a trip to a city nearby, such as Den Haag or Rotterdam. You can also try to get some information about the OV-chipkaart, that gives you some advantages and discounts.

11.Have you already shown your homeland traditional food to anyone?
Invite someone to have dinner at your house and cook something typical from your country. You might have a really nice evening!

12.Have you got some problems with your bike?
Maybe yes, or maybe not; but it will be useful to know where you can fix it or how to do it. Try to find some place, like HEMA (Molslaan 33), in which you can fix your bike and if you are interested in you also can buy a repairing kit to do it by yourself.

13.Do you feel “blue”?
Go to the delftse Pauw factory at Delftweg 133. It is a dutch company that produces the hand-painted traditional blue delftware. You can get a free guided tour between 9:00 and 16:30.

14. When was the last time you ate fish?
You should try the typical raw Haring. It’s very tasty and you can find it in many places in the centre of delft.

Formulated by Nijmegen-1 Project Team for Introduction Programme 2011.
Illustration/caricatures by Anurag (India)
Product materialization by Xue (China), Anurag (India)
Activities formed by Francisco (Portugal), Ioanna (Greece), Jorge (Spain)
Presentation prepared by Simon (Germany), Ioanna (Greece)


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