Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year 2009 is here >>

It is the start of a fresh new year. 2009 is here! Thousands of people around the world have a fresh outlook on the year to come. This year has been an eventful one especially for me and probably for millions around the globe including you ofcourse. This year I started the blogging thingie but could'nt give my 100% to it, hopefully this year I'll try to be bit more regular in my posts. I'll like to thank all those critics and visitors for viewing my blog and expressing their feelings and comments. Many of the people around the globe are using the wonderful idea of a New Year's resolution. The New Year's resolution can be an extremely successful goal setting plan if used correctly...ah!ah! gottta admit, have to work a lot in this "being regular and timing" department.
Whether your resolution is to lose 15 killos or to stop biting your nails, the power of goal setting can help you. The New Year's resolution is simply another term for a yearly goal. With that said, there are many important steps to goal setting itself.

· First, the goal you choose for your New Year's resolution must be attainable. It cannot be something like "I want to learn to be a superhero or batman".

· Once you have your resolution in mind, it is important that you put it in writing. Writing it down helps you better understand your commitment to your goal.

· Now that you have it written down, put it in a place where you can see it every single day. If you see your resolution every day, it will give you motivation and determination to meet your resolution. Or, if you are like me, it will annoy you enough to work your hardest to make it go away.

· As time goes on, it is important to check on your progress. If you are being successful, good for you. If you are not, there is still hope. This is the last big piece of goal setting to take in consideration: managing and arranging your goals. For example, if you are trying to lose 15 killos and you are finding it a challenge, try to aim for 7 killos instead.

With the start of a new year, it is a good idea to set a New Year's resolution.I used to have a high passion for something in the begining, but then start ignoring with the passage of time. All I wish is that I could keep the energy to the end, I feel this time my goals are different, and I really think I could catch my goal and so can you! Fight for it! Let's go!!!


ABH** said...

Happy new year to all !!!!

happy new year to,
the peasants on field,
there houses under fog's shield..

happy new year to,
old forgotten singers,
new hybrid jinglers,

shijin said...

nice to see one more post in the blog..and one frequently.

I am the light within said...

a good head start for the new year,,,, good one!!!

Gustavo G. said...

Have you deleted one post?
Greetings from an arc. student in Brazil

SOrcerer said...

Next year..Iam gonna try hipnotizin the thing to my resolutions.

I had my resolution is 1280 X 700 pixels

angel from heaven said...

It looks like I am running out of posts to comment on on your blog so doing it here.Lets hope you post something new for the new year 2010.Until then keep blogging, be safe and be happy .Oh yes and one more thing , I love your animations I dont suppose you are drawing them for other peoples blog??lolz!!...An angel would be nice to see.